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22-year old male currently living in Singapore. Spent six and a half years of my youth in Canada. Not very good with words, prefers more showing than telling. And oh, don't ask me to summarize anything.

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1st April 2014

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Great Moments in French History: Liberty Leading the People, Les Misérables, Jigga & Ye performing “Niggas in Paris” 13 straight times in Paris

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25th February 2014

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I don’t think there is another country music video like this, ever. A Pac-Man game accompanied with electro sounds, an artist singing about the ugly past of racism - in front of the Lincoln Memorial, no less - and a Japanese country band called Charlie Natagani and the Cannonballs.

Brad has so many unique vids - Online, Southern Comfort Zone, Waitin’ on a Woman, and the list goes on, but this one, Welcome to the Future, takes the cake. “I wanna be a systems analyst… I wanna be an entomologist…” dream on, kids!!

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9th February 2014


Every designer’s friend :)

Every designer’s friend :)

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7th February 2014

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Thank you, Deutschland. #solidarityinequality

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7th February 2014

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what am I even doing

I made this during Multimedia class. What started as a “Martini Hour” project turned into a nostalgic call for my childhood.


what am I even doing

I made this during Multimedia class. What started as a “Martini Hour” project turned into a nostalgic call for my childhood.

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6th February 2014

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9 days later, I re-recorded “5/6” with an intentionally low bitrate. Experimented with finger snaps and foot stomps, with a little slapping of the thigh near the end. And the background noise seems to be a nice accompaniment.

What do you think?

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5th February 2014

Audio post

1. Combine 5 song titles
2. Record it as a cheesy intro for a playlist
3. ???

Playlist’s called “Being Yourself”, and you can find it right here:

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2nd February 2014


New Christina Perri - “Human”. A little happier, more epic Perri, with shades of Breakaway-era Kelly Clarkson. Human is also Sia-inspired, especially at the chorus. I wonder if she’s a co-writer?

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2nd February 2014


Songs for your next first date, No. 14 (stone)

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2nd February 2014


Tumblr Confession:

I’m more excited to check my Tumblr Activity than the Dashboard.

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